"Artistry Matters. Design is one thing, but what sets you apart from your competition is establishing your Brand from an artistic perspective."

Hey, what's up!
I'm Jordan, Owner of Ground Zero Studio. I value expressing artistic aesthetic through graphic design with exuberant creativity.
Artistry Matters.
When it comes to branding + marketing, the first step is grabbing attention. You can have the best product or provide the best service, but if no one sees it, it's pointless. My goal is to create ingenious content to increase the reach, engagement, and revenue of your brand throughout the world.

I received my Bachelor of Fine Art's degree in Digital Art & Design from Towson University. Since, then I have over 10 years of industry experience working as a graphic designer for the U.S. Government and freelancing for a multitude of businesses including B360 Baltimore, Project Backboard, U.S. Black Chambers Inc, TVOne, CleoTV and more. Creating my own design studio in 2019, I pride myself on making an impact on brand awareness and visual identity for brands worldwide.
The Fun Stuff.
Relationships + connections are what makes brands thrive. A successful brand has a story that their audience can follow and you can't do that without them knowing who and what you're about.
So here are a few fun facts about me that can help our relationship grow together:
- I'm a foodie. I love to find the low-key, hidden gems in my hometown (Baltimore, MD).
- I worked full-time while in college and truly learned what it felt like to work 18hr days.
- I love the '90s aesthetic. The design trends during the '90s just gives me nostalgia and always puts a smile on my face.
- I would consider myself a minimalist. I love open space and only using items/furniture that is necessary for function.
- Kith, by Ronnie Fieg, is my favorite clothing brand. Check it out here and you'll see why.
- I think laughter cures pain. It's one of the best feelings we don't think about that automatically puts a smile on your face.
Are you ready to get started?
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